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Bartholomew Fatima, nicknamed Bart, is leader of a group of sand pirates who ravage the desert in their sand cruiser, the Yggdrasil. He is a rambunctious, hot headed, ill-tempered youth, and no one can really control him. He is really the Crown Prince of The Fatima Dynasty. He receives much support from his men, but he tends to shoot anything that moves, and can cause grief for his comrades. He is not particularly fast, but some of his weapons can cause status ailments. He is a strong and useful player with many self-powering Ether abilities.

Bart's eye patch isn't for show, he lost his eye when trying to aid in the repairs to the Yggdrasil long before meeting Fei and Citan. Sigurd, his fellow comrade and retainer, saved him from greater harm, but also lost his other eye in the process. He personally customized his gear Brigandier, which he personally excavated himself alongside the Heimdal, to have a "patch" over the left camera. While this can't provide any advantage in combat, this would show his vanity and pride to spite his weakness. Despite his brash attitude, Bart is a kind-hearted guy who has deep leadership talents, and has an eye to survival with honor and dignity. He also pilots the Omnigear Andvari, which was excavated from Ft. Jasper and initially stolen by Shakhan.

Deathblows Edit

File:Bart Deathblow Compilation


  • "The people who started the war are the reason. And unless you fight to get rid of the reason, nothing will ever change. I fight to get rid of the reason."
  • "Well, it was really impressive from this side, believe me!" [after firing a 'Bart-missile' at his own crew]
  • "It's harder to bring in an animal alive than dead."
  • "Of course, I'm Bart the Immortal, whaddya trying to say...?"
  • "Well, if it isn't Dr. Uzuki and his... errh, very big friend." [referring to Rico]


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