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Rest in peace, agents of evil. May all of you turn to dust.

Billy Lee Black is introduced as a young, pacific priest of the Ethos religion, and later is revealed as a member of the Etone branch, which job is to "clean" and "purge" the world from the Reapers, or Wels. He has a problematic relationship with his father Jessiah, who used to be an Etone too.

He had a happy childhood, and learned how to use a gun from his father. But later his father abandoned him, and then his mother, Racquel Black, was killed by -Wels-. While that happened, he and his little sister, Primera were hiding in the shadows witnessing all, and feeling powerless; since then, Primera remained silent and Billy swore to protect her. Later, he and Primera were saved by Bishop Isaac Stone, who convinced Billy to join the Ethos. After that incident, he built an orphanage to protect children that have been left alone like him and his sister, instead of leaving them to the Ethos. That children like to play hide-and-seek with Billy and also are a great support for Billy's missions, because they can send the Renmazuo gear immediately at Billy's signal.

When Jessie returned, he was too different from what he used to be, and became a cocky and irreverent drunk; because of that, Billy lived ashamed of his father, and even hated to be compared with him. After he learns the truth about his father's actions, his mentor Stone and the Ethos religion, his policies changed; he regained the confidence in his father and respected him again; he even treated Jessie as a hero after his presumed death, when Jessie allowed Billy the use of the JessieCannon, a technique that transforms Jessie's gear in a weapon that fires the pilot's cockpit as its bullet.

His fighting style is the marksmanship learned from Jessie, and also widely used among the Etones ("to impart justice in the name of God and the Ethos"), and another strong point of Billy is the wide selection of curative spells he has; however, he has a drawback: he doesn't have Ether attacks, unlike Fei or Bart. He wields two revolvers (Handgun); two short rifles of unlimited ammo, each one hidden in a sleeve of his trenchcoat (Ether-gun), and a powerful shotgun that he pulls from his back (Big gun). The Renmazuo also has two handguns and a Gatling gun along with an Ether machine powered gun in each of its wrists.


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Billy's Deathblows.