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This wiki is a loosely focused project I created for fun. I love the Xenogears universe and figured this would be a great outlet. All are welcome to add and discuss, and none need compelled to add more than they are willing or able, obviously. If you do decide to add to it, please try to keep form, but keep in mind this is for amusement first and reference second, with everything else trailing far behind. So with that said, let me be the only one breaking my balls here.

For the articles I myself add or edit, I will not be placing references. Suffice to say I'm using a combination of a physical copy of the game, the game's written script, Perfect Works, and to a lesser extent hearsay and my own memory. If I feel like adding the exact origin of information later on then I may do that intermittently and I won't frown on others for it, but keep in mind, it's a video game with essentially worthless lore and the validity of it will most likely not affect you, me, or anyone else. Just don't mention the game or the book in the sentence or something. Not that you would anywhere else, but still.



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